"Echo" is not an impulse, it's a slow work highlighting the desire to place the frame of an intimate narrative related to a personal experience.
The project begins with the rediscovery of photographs of my father during his military service in Senegal from 1960 to 1962. In a sort of state of the site after 15 years of neglect, I question the images and asked to talk to me about it. His images overlap and intertwine, disturb, which conjure memories of the stories he told me, carrying me in addition to both blur and bright. Memories, lived moments, I fantasize memories of memories. I consumes them, appropriates me.
Then it is for me to defy time, to face disappointments and wear. There is something landfill. My father is, he is there, somewhere, someone I do not know more. After identifying the places of his journey, I went in his footsteps, delve into the memories to create a final hyphen, a quest memorial and contemplative.
It is not a diary or an autobiography but a story or blends intimate experience and the search for identity and eventually to resurface the wound deep sorrow nor child ever told absorbed.
It is a research, reflection, an echo between past and present in a personal story that I'm trying to make palpable. The photographic approach seeks to regain the strength of the moment, the emotion, the aftertaste of a childhood memory in a deeply contemplative inner quest, encounters resistance.
© 2012-2013 Virginie PLAUCHUT