Every year in France, a child disappears without ever being found.
Their names are Estelle , Cyril , Jerome, Marion or Leo , you see their faces fleetingly on a poster at airports, train stations or shops.
Their families have waited for years for some news, a clue, a lead, or even a terrible. They are condemned to the worst : not knowing. Despite the passing of time, their families do not give up and keep hoping to see their child again or at least know what occured on the day of their disappearance ...
These ordinary landscapes, where the children were seen for the last time, where parents go time and time again, keep the secret of what happened.
There were a recorded 47,759 missing children in 2013, according to Home Affairs figures. The vast majority (around 46,800) of those minors reported to the Fichier des Personnes Recherchees (Missing People department) were runaways. To this figure, one must add 379 children who were abducted (most often by one parent), and 582 particularly worrying disappearances. Of the latter, 184 cases are considered to involve a crime.