During the spring of 2015, I "infiltrated" in a group of French tourists, for 14 days in a trip through the American West. Program: Los Angeles, Bagdad Café, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Brice Canyon, Las Vegas, The valley of death, Sequoia National Park and San Francisco with timed visits, shopping and long hours in the accompanied bus about forty other participants and little or no free time for unplanned activities. It seems clear that the objective is to discover a maximum of sites in minimum time.
It seems that the group of all-inclusive trip is reassuring. The clearly established program is watched for months, followed by participants during the journey, as if to reassure still so necessary that everything goes as planned. Even as every morning on the bus, our guide reminds us of things seen the previous day and previous days and informs us of the use of well-defined time and formatted visits we will do in the day, almost leaving no room for improvisation.
Indeed the tour package is the ideal of traveler who does not like surprises.
As we used to do it when reporting on foreign tourists in France during those two weeks, I photographed throughout the circuit French tourists, I have listened, I have taken note of their thinking , printing ...
This photographic series of 24 photographs are accompanied by words heard over trip.
© Virginie PLAUCHUT | 2015 |