TOUCH THE HORIZON (forgotten correspondence)

Touch the HORIZON
forgotten correspondence (EXTRAIT)
We decided to write. Each in our own way. Images. Into words. But above all be written on the wire, constant and tense, our quest horizon. Outside to one inside the other.
Virginia left for the West, I stayed in the East. We sent our landscapes in June 2011. We crossed the scopes that were presented to us, and our friendship resonated in our respective areas.
In this connection, our eyes have found their echoes. They also took the time to tell, and to deploy. Trajectories and territories brush, and a new horizon opens.
Cath. An.
This photographic correspondence associates Polaroids and texts, it was carried out for 15 days in June 2011. It was not until this year that I decided to open the box or that correspondence had been forgotten.
Virginie Plauchut
This work consists of 19 polaroids and 15 texts