Virginie Plauchut has always been fascinated by the human psyche; she thouroughly exmamines human neurosis, suffering, psychosis, but also human beliefs, habits and symbolisms. It is the core notion of her research and photographic work.
For over 3 years, she has been focusing her practice on taboos and issues specific to childhood, with the production of such projects as 'Sans preuve et sans cadavre' on the topic of incest; 'Les disparus', centered around missing children; 'Les hauts murs' ont the topic of the confinement of young women in religious institutions until the end of the nineteen sixties; 'Gianluigi', about the mourning of one's child; 'Harcelé(s)' on the topic of bullying at school.
Virginie aims at establishing a paradox between the serenity emanating from her photographs and their complementary written works. Through these images, she refuses to translate action in the spirit of the spectacular, of voyeurism. Rather, her iconography underlines the 'banality' of every particular situation, whilst in the same moment, the adjacent text comes shattering this notion. There is a perpetual oscillation in her pictures between factual and illulstrative photography, which is put at the service of the written words. Reality remains at the center of her work, as the starting point of her creative process – she continues to question it through the staging of her images. Virginie navigates seemlessly between formal narrative photography and conceptual social photography.
Her research and creation as an artist are part of her intention to respect the demarche of an auteur photographer, which she informas through exhaustive reading and various exchanges. Each topic is set through thourough research on the particular problematic Virginie Plauchut endeavours to tackle (written works, filmed sequences, photographies, recorded and real-life interviews...); these preliminary steps allow her to choose the most adequate angle around which to build the work, in which the human subject will get to experience the cathartic game of visual staging.
Her various works have been exhibited in the context of festivals, collective shows and personal exhibitions in Paris, Carcassonne, Arles, Niort. They were also screened in multiple european festivals. Virignie was part of the final selection of the Leica Oskar Barnack Price in 2014. She has been a membre of Hans Lucas Studio since 2015.