- Series produced from November 2011 to February 2012 - France .
- Series exposed PHOT'AIX festival - Tapestry museum - Aix en Provence - October to November 2012

In the continuity of certain photographic achievements on human , I undertook several retreats in a Cistercian monastery , isolated religious community , where to devote himself fully to God, the nuns are isolated in the world, behind that they call " the fence ."

" This is the non-membership course treats the series entitled The Virginie Plauchut Fence term borrowed from the language to describe monastic withdrawal from the world of some religious . Such withdrawal made ​​by an entire community is served, both in shooting indoors and outdoors , by a nebulous regime of visibility separates our world , that world of contemplation and prayer located away from view in the form Fence is presented as a documentary approach . : collect images so essential spaces ascetic life sometimes by details of a cell or a refectory , sometimes by deer paths where orantes cheminent . We also see some gestures nuns in blurring of vision which gives silence visual density. photograph Virginie Plauchut manages to recreate this unknown spiritual world of the profane world and all its technical choices, so consistent in making the series , shows well , that beyond the documentary, it is also a personal experience she wants to share with us . "


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