New York

New York is more than a city , it is a unique experience. It leaves no one indifferent , surprised by its gigantism and captivates by its diversity. It is a metropolis where everything seems possible. Even if you did not set foot, its decor is already familiar with you because everyone knows New York by the photos, movies, television series.
To try another approach to this city , I relied on some of my photographic research , questioning me about these images that we keep a place. Gradually everything becomes less accurate and the flood of memories eventually become entangled in our memory.
So I have chosen to address this city with a Holga and play with the wheel of progress of the film. The film is completely filled with images that overlap each other like those memories that are kept in memory and which over time have no specific meaning. The contours floutent , details merge with a set . Ultimately, these flanges memories are kept with the certainty that one day we were in New York.
© 2012 Virginie PLAUCHUT