Ambivalence: Character of someone who exhibits or manifests contradictory or opposing behaviors, tastes.
Tendency to experience or simultaneously manifest two opposing feelings towards the same object: love and hate, joy and sadness, etc.
Through cultures, continents, society projects an ideal of motherhood. Contrary to popular belief, the mother-child relationship is not only made of symbiosis and harmony, it is also full of ambivalence and discontinuity.
By recounting unabridged ambivalence of maternal feelings, far from the agreed discourse of cloudless happiness, this questioning radically questions the joy of having children in a society where all mothers are expected, and where mothers demand everything of themselves. In addition to the joy that mothers feel, there is lack of time, fatigue, couple problems; all these deep feelings passed over in silence. If they say that motherhood can be a source of personal fulfillment, pleasure, love, pride, contentment and joy, it can also be a source of distress, helplessness, frustration, hostility and disappointment.
From my own experience, I chose to make photographs to see these states passed in silence, in which life is suspended to the child, where the daily does not follow its course, where the order is shaken where body and mind do not seem to belong to you completely anymore. The series is the translation into images of these feelings, of these felt impressions, of a need to exteriorize and where I have chosen to show only one of the feelings of the secret ambivalence of being a mother.